10,000 Lost Comments on Unnecessary Pap Smears Find a New Home 

More than 10,000 comments on Bookofjoe’s “Unnecessary Pap Smears” article were displaced following changes to Blogcritics.  The Blogcritic’s site (http://blogcritics.org/unnecessary-pap-smears/) had been home to a group of informed women who contributed information and shared personal experiences about pap smears, cervical cancer, and other women’s health issues.  Some of the women had been contributors on Blogcritics for years, and for some as many as eight years.  The site provided a safe haven for women seeking truthful information and shelter from the misinformation and misconsent that can go hand in hand with women’s health care experiences.

Through the years more than 10,000 comments had accumulated.  The comments disappeared from the site during the transfer to a new format more than a month ago, and have not yet reappeared.  However, they had been relocated to a different site by someone (unknown, and who we will be forever thankful to) where they were still accessible for those dedicated to finding them.  The temporary site where the comments were being kept has since disappeared.

Fortunately, the original comments had been copied into three word documents by Chas before they were lost for good.  The comments have been reposted on this site where hopefully they will remain safe for years to come.  The reposting is done under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license endorsed by the original Blogcritics site (http://blogcritics.org/unnecessary-pap-smears/), which allows users to copy the works on the site for non-commercial use.